Author/Publisher Services

Authors recognize the enormous power of social media.  I teach you the basics to get you started, answer any questions you have along the way and offer practical suggestions for content ideas and social media management tools.  Participating in the world of social media is exhilarating and offers you a closer relationship with your audience  than you could ever imagine.

Content Creation

Let me write for you on your social media channels. I create interesting, sharable content in keeping with your message and audience for your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e- newsletters. I subscribe to the philosophy that building an organic following is the most worth while strategy.

Author Branding

You wrote this fantastic book and you know it will be a best seller.  Have you defined your primary audience? Can you clearly state the message of your book in one sentence or even just a few words?  I can help you get there by asking a series of detailed questions that will help you hone your audience, message, and hook to be used across all of your marketing efforts.

Blogger Outreach

When a blogger reviews or mentions your book on their blog it means more exposure, more sharable content, more networking, and more sales.  I use your audience and message to create a targeted blogger list and well-designed email pitch for review/giveaway/or mention on their blog. 

Copywriting / Editing

Perhaps you like to write your own marketing material (press releases, author bio, fact sheets, brochures, CV's, blog posts, etc) but you want a second set of eyes on them. Whatever it is, I can help. Want to lighten your load? I can also create valuable marketing materials that meet or exceed industry standards.